I will be off-line… (FINAL UPDATE ADDED!)

..from Saturday 22 December until Wednesday 2 January.

I will still check and answer any e-mail, but I will not be monitoring, nor posting, anything during this time.

Below I will be adding my (and others’) relevant Christmas greetings (to be updated before Sunday 23rd) and I will include THIS post on Facebook, for those I know in Iceland (Everything is done on Facebook in Iceland).

This is my “Happy Christmas” ❤️ posting to all (when completed). But especially my “Happy New Year” greeting. Because?…

I am praying, as so many others are, that it brings “the beginning of the end” of the Satanic global elites – AT LEAST THE EXPOSURE of their lies, opposing the truth!

We’ll see 🙏🏻

So… “as and when” “stay tuned” HERE until Sunday 23rd, by which time I hope to have inspiring items compiled and posted! (HERE)

This post will also be sent out to all on my mailing lists.

“If anything should happen” between now and then, then THIS is my love-greeting to everyone, as it is.


(Updates follow below)..

From my dearest friend…

From another of my dear friends…

And my own posts..



“Do not fear” is stated 365 times throughout The Bible!


Annie knows how these should be sung – with power and reverence! – Gives me the chills and makes me weep! – Enjoy! And once again, a very Happy Christmas and New Year to All!


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“In The Matrix”!…

Whether you believe in “Q” or not…

“When do ‘coincidences’ become a mathematical impossibility?”

Watch and see… (by the way, the host Sean, is a Bible-quoting, Jesus-professing Christian, as are MANY who follow MR T and “Q” and work with other “anons” and alternative news free journalists! – Who would you RATHER believe, people like these, or “the USUAL suspects”?? – Think, consider!)


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There is change EVERYWHERE…

…because people ARE waking up, and the DS, MSM, USUAL SUSPECTS, ETC ARE “in panic mode”, because they “are of their father, the devil”, the liar, and are being exposed!

Basically, whoever and whatever is being attacked in the msm is who and what is RIGHT! REMEMBER that! “The hit dog” ALWAYS HOWLS!

All the GOOD stuff is being done “behind the scenes”, and ONLY THOSE WHO ARE AWAKE WILL SEE IT!!!

Think of this parallel…

Where did Jesus come from? Where did He come to? What did He do while He was here, on His mission – the reason and purpose being to set people free with the Truth? How much effect did He have, and amongst who did He have it? What happened as a result, when those who had been used to exercising power, authority and control on Satan’s behalf (“Ye are of your father the devil. He was a liar from the beginning”) were exposed by Him? Was He “guilty”, of anything, other than going everywhere “doing good”, “the right thing”? Was He accused of everything under the sun by the liars? Why? What was the devil’s response when he realised he was losing control through his “usual suspects”, “the status quo”? But here’s “the kicker”… who were persuaded to call “crucify Him” from the public arena? (HINT: THE CROWD!!!)

See how it works, how Satan rules, and “keeps” his rule?

AND YET… Who, and what, was TRULY RIGHT???

AND who KNEW that He was right??? – Actually BOTH sides!!! BUT the vast “silent majority” were “STUCK IN THE MIDDLE”, “neutral”, UNTIL forced to make a decision! And THIS is why God ALLOWS this freedom to choose… Because it REVEALS “the thoughts and intentions of the heart”, and NOBODY escapes this!

REMEMBER… It’s a spiritual warfare for the hearts and minds of people! And “the majority” always “win”, (thus “justifying” their BS and their “writing the history books”)! HOWEVER… that “majority” (the cornerstone of “democracy”) are ALWAYS WRONG! (And will be proven to be so at “The Great White Throne Judgment”! – Read your Bible people! – “Last man standing”!)

Pick a side…

The Truth, or the lie!? “Who do YOU believe?” WHY? – (Check your HEART, your MOTIVE! – Get a NEW one! = ❤️)

People need to FORSAKE their “normal” mindsets if they want to be free! No joke!

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How Do You Counter “Projection”?…

…get EVERYBODY “on the same page” in the public mind! GENIUS! 👏🏻👍🏻✅

The (actual) guilty will always be guilty and will be proven so, and the innocent will always be innocent (and be proven to be so)! – The biased (lying) msm will be exposed and proven to be so, as well as be FORCED to either start reporting honestly, or go down with the sinking ship! “The court of public opinion” will be forced to accept the truth and facts, the evidence, and, if they are honest, will face having to get behind the efforts of those working on eliminating the lie!

THIS example shows how to do it – “military planning at it’s finest”! Remember, Gen Flynn was the second highest target of the deep state, BECAUSE he was MR T’s national security advisor who “knows where the bodies are buried”! Do the math! Thus Gen Flynn was WILLING to make the ultimate (appearing) “sacrifice” in order to fake-out and counter the attack he was ALREADY AWARE AND PREPARED FOR BEFORE it took place! (“Military planning at it’s finest”!) This man is probably the most honourable of all patriots in the current hour, and known to be so by POTUS, “Q”, and the rest of those who matter!

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“Our Yorkshire Farm”…

I’ve been watching this four-part documentary, on Channel 5 in the U.K., about the Owen family on their farm in the North Yorkshire dales. A family with eleven children, and they are adorable. I highly recommend anyone watching a family that lives, loves and works together. How it should be! In times past larger families were more common than not, especially amongst the financially “poorer”, proving that money is NOT the most important factor. “A man’s wealth is his children” and was always considered to be a blessing from God. Why? Because it is how we were created to be! However, “society” (opinion), and especially the “money”/”career” side of things, seems to influence people’s attitudes these days, more than all the love that creates and nurtures the future! Selfishness is promoted more “normally” today, especially amongst the “radical” feminists! = Extinction! It’s Satan’s plan – he HATES love, life, sex, babies, us, and he is the very opposite of all that God creates from love, our very purpose of existence!

Here are a couple of BBC items (believe it or not) that are about large families…



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Freestanding and Without a Conductor!

The rest of the orchestra has to literally “follow the leader”, and even with sheet music to keep track of their places they each have to know their own part by heart! = Sheer musical genius! 👏🏻

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