What Makes A President Great?…

…THIS does!


And THIS is why he is hated so much! (By The Devil’s crowd! – Shows you who’s side they are on!)

He’s not perfect, but he is definitely “the greatest President ever”! (Going by his record and what he has done in just two years! – Attacking and dismantling the deep state and it’s global elite power being the MOST significant because they are Satanic!)

Versus the absolutely corrupt and demonically-inspired Kamala Harris! (A not-so-subtle blend of Killery, “first would be female President”, and Obummer, “first black President of the US” and was ineligible and illegal! You can see why there is all the “white supremacist” rhetoric all over the place now, right?, including the pushing of everything “equality for women” and “diversity”!!! 😖

“Can anything good come out of Californi(c)a(tion)?”

Apparently not! Nope! No way! Nada! Nothing!

The ONLY way anything good can “come out of” that place is if all the good people leave!

And as for “occasional cortex”…



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And about that “msm” (YouTube)…

“Control of the narrative” (propaganda) is ALL important to the usual suspects, as it HAS been ALL ALONG and it is what they are USED to! THIS is why they are CENSORING FREE SPEECH, because WORDS are POWERFUL and IDEALOGICAL (ideas – see “V for Vendetta”). THEY are being attacked and dismantled by the TRUTH, and just like the OTHER corrupt entities (politicians, corporations, banks, “lawyers”, etc = “the system”) when the dogs are HIT they HOWL! – If anyone is “howling” then you can rest assured that they are “a dog”, and just as you cannot trust a rabid dog because they tend to ATTACK, then it should be pretty clear who you should avoid because of what side they are on! – They are NOT “your friend”, nor are they “friendly”! They ARE your ENEMY, and should be TREATED as such (NOT “trusted”)!

Take heed! Beware!

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Try Keeping A Straight Face…

…while watching this… (😂)

The same comments can be applied to Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Warren, etc but NOT to HRC – she is just pure evil personified, as is Harris (Killery’s intended successor). On that point – if even Killery failed, how would it be possible to try the exact same formula with Harris and expect a different result in 2020!? (It would be funny, except that these people are DANGEROUS – puppets!)

All of those mentioned above are NOT doing the “first woman for President” argument any favours!

“Can anything ‘good’ come out of California?” – Between California (including Hollyweird), the Swamp-rats of D.C. and New York (“lawyers” and banksters) and the “mainstream media” (which now also includes “social media”) it is too easy to see “what’s wrong” with America, for those with eyes, ears and a brain between them and who actually use them!

Evil defeats itself, even if it LOOKS like it’s “winning”! (Facts over lies, ANY day of the week!) Non-sensical “emotional” rhetoric should not “run” anything, let alone a “government”! Let people who actually do the job and know what they are talking about take on the RESPONSIBILITIES! Does anyone even know what that word MEANS anymore? – I seriously wonder! – HINT: It has something to do with “minister”/”servant”, i.e. a slave, to/FOR OTHERS, NOT “self”!

A dandy bad (good) example of the type of LIAR that should NOT be ANY KIND of “a leader” (of ANYTHING)!…

In contrast…

And here is one example of her fight for free speech (and why WE should fight for it ALSO)… NOTICE how the “grownups” (I use that word loosely 😄) of the “political” and “mainstream media” world behave IN EXACTLY THE SAME MANNER as the “complainant” exampled in the following! – It would be funny, except it isn’t, because see how an innocent person’s life is ATTACKED and attempted to be DEFAMED by REAL “hate” (speech – with AN AGENDA)! – Just like the devil! – Also take note of the quote “the PROCESS is the ‘punishment'”, because they KNOW that they have no case that they can actually win (with truth and facts), so they use THEIR “free speech” to cause REAL harm and danger to REAL people, BY LYING! So, who ARE “the grownups” REALLY? I mean, these types behave like SPOILED BRATS = the REAL bullies! Think “kids in a playground”! “A false witness speaketh lies” (Ain’t THAT the truth!)

People with love, knowledge (REALLY “do their homework”) and humility, like THIS dear lady following would do a great job in helping change and reorganise things!

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