A convicted liar lies…

…about the POTUS, accusing HIM of lying, and the BBC makes it their main headline, while at the same time stating the opposite of what is being accomplished in Hanoi between MR T and Kim Jong-Un! This makes the BBC liars, yes or no?


Does ANYONE believe the BBC anymore? Between them and CNN and their ilk there has never been such blatant propaganda aimed at the general public! (Also reflected in the “news”papers – JOKE!)

Not only should MR T shut down the fake news in the US for treason, but the Brits need to stop paying the BBC for their BS, and the “Royal Commision/Charter” by “her majesty” should be REJECTED by “her subjects” (sheeple)!

If you want the truth, you won’t get it from the usual suspects who own and control the media!

Enough is enough!

“You are the news now!” (“Q”) – Take your pick of the following, they are all on the same page, the page of truth!

The msm are digging their own graves, and “given enough rope they’ll hang themselves”! The people are screaming for MR T to use that same rope to do the same with the usual suspect elite cabal as well!


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The truth about…

If you don’t know about this man following then this video might be a good introduction. He is so very NOT politically correct, and he has a brain that he uses. I haven’t seen much from him yet, mostly because I don’t have time, but he has gotten my attention at least. Anyway…

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“Where is it?”…

…”That’s the one thing about propaganda, when you ask for the facts they can never produce it!” (Not my grammar folks) 😊

Who was it in that old radio detective show who would say… “The facts ma’am, nothing but the facts!”?

Facts = the truth! Anything else = lies! (Opinions are okay, but that’s all they are, opinions, and they should be qualified as such!)

If you can’t prove it, shut up!

I just rewatched “The Terminator : Genesys” – how topical!

There may be some “questionable” aspects to Alex Jones, I don’t know, however he is constantly attacked for exposing the things he does, so “he must be doing something right”, right? In any case the following should be known and the MSM is not going to tell it, so…

You will notice some “overlap” between the posts I repost here, as well as some repetition in the subject matter, however “repetition is the law of memory”, and the method MR T and “Q” employs, especially lately. (The lamestream media employ this tactic all the time and have been doing so forever. Time to fight back.) Also, “in case anyone might have missed” the things that are important and that matter, repetition helps, so that things don’t get lost in the middle of any muddle.

NOTE: Here’s a fun fact… Whenever God repeats anything Himself, which He often does, it is because He feels it is important, and He wants us to remember it.

Another fun fact to prove this method is necessary… “Most people seem to have the attention span of a gnat!” (Especially in this day and age)

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A certain very unsavoury topic is beginning to take center stage now, even in the msm!

Hint: Cardinal Pel’s conviction is just one aspect of it. Others are being even more blatant now, especially “celebrities” and those centred in Hollyweird!

This can’t be hidden or covered up any more.

Note: In the following Stroppy again exhibits his cynical side I’m afraid. The Benjamin Fulford item is clearly yet another example of someone who has “flipped” (as Anne Coulter has done recently). I believe these people have been “approached” to help foster a disbelief campaign. Standard tactic. “Shills” abound. The guilty are petrified of their coming revelation before the public and are projecting big-time.

I don’t personally appreciate people who “play the middle” and are pretending to be “open minded about things”. There are no “neutrals” when it comes to war, and these types are actually only exposing themselves as to where they are at. Because of this I also don’t appreciate anyone who doesn’t wholly “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”. Doubt is Satan’s primary tactic and started in the Garden of Eden.

The answer to this is to use logical thinking, as per “Q”‘s advice. What is the preponderance of GOOD that MR T and Team have accomplished? Example: For Fulford to share that MR T “bashed a child’s head in”, and for Stroppy to repeat this by posting it, should set off alarm bells! Can anyone seriously believe this? Simple!

Anyway, I’ll leave this here as an example of my points above. We have to learn to discern between truth and lies, and the lines between the two are becoming clearer by the day now. Beware.


“Don’t get me started” on “Oscar”… 🤮


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Brilliantly Put!…

…”Oh Happy Day!…” 😂

“Deliver us from evil…”

“We have it all!”…

And remember what “Q” told us recently…

“You are the news now!”


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“The More You Know”!…(Updated)

“Hot diggity dog!”…

“I can feel it comin’ in the air tonight, oh Lord!”

“Five day forecast… PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN” 😂

Re the efficacy of memes – watch the film “Turk 182” with Timothy. Then, more recently, there is also “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

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