The Dumbest “scientific” Statement I Have Ever Heard!… (Updated)

…Just broadcast on the lunchtime “news” in the U.K…

“In a few hours you will be able to see something no one has ever seen before scientists tell us – a black hole! Except that you won’t be able to see it, because it is invisible. But, you will be able to see it’s shadow”.


A QUESTION: (or two, or three)…

How can something that is “invisible” cast a “shadow”?

If a “black hole” exists, supposedly because it is something that light cannot escape from due to immense gravitational forces, we are told, then where is it’s light source to cast “the shadow”?

Light itself is invisible. It can only be referenced by the things that reflect it. This is why outer space is black. So where is the external light source that is supposed to be able to cast the “shadow”, especially when a “black hole” is supposed to swallow light itself?

Er DUH!!! 🤪

Maybe these experts need to return to “math 101”, where 2+2=4! (It’s called “logic”, baby!) 😂

UPDATE: Apparently they were able to take “a photograph” of the “black hole”, which is “800 billion trillion” miles away!!! – Yeah! RIGHT! 😂😂😂

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