A Comment…

How can one man provoke so much ire and controversy? Because…

It is all about truth versus lies!

There is a global flood of commentary about just one man right now, and all “sides” are being exposed for where they stand and why!

The usual suspects are damning themselves even more than they already have!

I only have one thing to say about it all…

If MR T is all about draining the swamp and MAGA, then he needs JA protected, alive and taken to safety, and to be allowed to testify!

“Q” said “we have the source”, and this was stated a long time back! (“Q” has been right on all along with the truth, facts, evidences, proofs!)

The deep state global elite cabal are between a rock and a hard place right now!

My personal opinion is that what happened was staged by the white hats! The “optics” were, as always, to lead the deep state and their msm lackeys down the wrong garden path!

There is NO WAY we can trust the usual suspects and the msm to either know or tell the truth! But that won’t stop them opening their mouths and exposing themselves!

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