The Day MR T Told HMQ et al to “F**K OFF!”

Behind the scenes. Behind closed doors. “We know what you did!”…

…and THIS is why JA is now being requested to be allowed to join “Q” and MR T’s team in the US (and they cannot refuse, because he’s “The Art of the Deal” master! 😂), so he can finish destroying the deep state in the US with what JA knows and has! 👏🏻

Meanwhile, the Brits have been under surveillance by HMQ’s MI5!…

By the way, Treason May oversaw MI5 for years, both as “Home Secretary” and as “Prime Minister”!

With the CORRUPTION now being exposed in the “government’s” of the U.K., Australia and Italy (just for starters), are you beginning to see how the elites and controlled the world, for centuries!? 😡

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