Cast Them Off! 😡

HOW DO YOU GET RID OF SUCH “PEOPLE”? – Especially when they are “above the law”, “a law unto themselves”, and while everybody else suffers from THEIR “laws”!

ANSWER: BELIEVE WHAT GOD HAS SAID *, and what is enshrined in the more recent historical documents known as “The Constitution of The United States of America” and “The Bill of Rights” (Which is what MR T just reminded them of on his recent visit!).

* He never created, nor intended, for any man/woman to rule over any others, and spoke clearly against His people having a king/queen! – Ever wonder why?

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – No man or woman can be trusted with any power over anyone else!

The only answer, and safety, rests in allowing God to reign in our hearts and “rule” each one of us personally and individually. He knows each one of us that way, having created us, and He knows exactly what is best for us, personally. If we follow His Will and Way personally we can’t go wrong, and we will thrive as only we can, individually. This is true freedom and independence! Think about it!

The “alternative”? = SLAVERY! Under A LIE!

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