GOOD! – (Just how bad IS Hollyweird ANYWAY?)…

…THIS bad!

NOTE: These types of “games” ALREADY take place, where people are kidnapped, dumped in a private wilderness, and then HUNTED TO DEATH by elites! (They call it “The Dangerous Game”)! Secret Service agents have revealed that this practice takes place and at least two former Presidents were the hunters!

How MANY films have been made where this was the theme? (Look it up! – Take one of the latest – “The Purge” and it’s sequels!)

And now Conservative Republicans are being “doxxed” by the DemonRats!???

HOWEVER: Do you not know that MOST conservative, Constitutional Republicans are ARMED? (Not to mention one million bikers alone who support The President!) And you wonder why the usual suspects want “gun controls”? (Good luck with that!)

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