*Gasp!* – “Who Knew?”…


NOTE: Google IS NOT the ONLY search engine! I personally recommend Duck Duck Go! Why? Go to their home page and find out!

I NEVER use ANYTHING Google. Though I glean interesting items on YouTube, I NEVER “sign-in”, “subscribe”, “hit the bell”, or “comment” on ANYTHING! If I think something has merit I repost it here and make any comments here!

Apologies to those who depend on YouTube for financing by asking viewers to perform those actions listed above, but my personal privacy, as much as I can manage, is more important to me. The way things are today, I would not recommend using YouTube as a platform anyway. If you are only posting “look at me” type content (not my cup of tea) you won’t be banned or blacklisted, but as for important content?… It is rapidly disappearing and getting harder to find anyway! (Censorship!)

Which brings me to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… Including personal voice assistants (Alexa, Siri, etc)!

Same as above! Use at your (own) peril!

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