Rhetoric Ramped Up Even More!

All I can think of is that the elite cabal of the NWO must be stinging and reeling from the success of Mr T across the pond, knowing that the waves are going to cross that pond and hit the shores of the U.K. and the EU, TWO OF THEIR STAUNCHEST PROTAGONISTS!

THIS is what it is ALL about with their attacks on Russia and Mr P (who is ALSO an avowed anti-globalist and national sovereignty protagonist like Mr T).

Just as the deep state under Obummer and Killery were ready to sacrifice the American people and the peoples of the rest of the world on behalf of their overlords, and now to save their own necks, Treason May and her cowardly cohorts are willing to do the same!

Her “strong and stable leadership” already LOST a majority “government”, has BETRAYED the population with “Brexit”, CONTINUES to lie to the public about EVERYTHING, and now needs “an enemy” to try to show how “great” she is, AND is now needing “allies” to prop up her BS!


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Young Hogg…

…to quote from one of my favourite films – “the bigger the chat, the smaller the chap”!

“Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!”

He reminds me of those “rich”, “famous”, “wannabe” types in your typical “high school kid movie” who eventually gets shown up to be the coward, bullying, loser that they actually are, by those who actually have brains in their heads and use them!

This is NOT the kind of reputation ANY young person would want to be remembered for! “STOOOPIID!”

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I like these guys…

There are a few in Hollywood who have their hearts and brains in the right place! You can tell the good from the bad by how the good (minority) are criticised, ostracised and maligned by the bad (majority).

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In the details…

…the Devil is! The problem is that most people don’t bother or haven’t got time to go into them (or are too distracted)!

Excellent summary of current events covered here…

Before watching the following I have a caveat – Taiwan is NOT a part of China, in spite of all of China’s rhetoric to the contrary. Taiwan IS supported by the US. Taiwan is “capitalist”, China is “communist”. HOWEVER, with ALL Chinese people “money talks” and “business”, the making of money, IS their religion. As with all other things and everything that goes on throughout the world “the bottom line” is the money! “Politics” is simply a diversionary distraction, a tool for control, for the globalists, nothing else! Mr T IS “the master of the deal”, it’s how he does everything and he is very good at it! This is why he can act like a chameleon and play 5D chess in everything. He has a goal, an agenda, and is a great “poker face”. It keeps everybody guessing and makes him very difficult to predict and impossible to control. He doesn’t work along “political lines” at all! This is why he will use anyone who will work for him and is non-partisan in his choices, as long as they do what he wants done. If they don’t, or won’t, and especially if he finds out that they are working against him – “You’re fired!” Then “You’re hired!” is the next one. He is “The Chief Executive”, that’s his job, and that is exactly what he has been for most of his life! He is NOT “a politician”, yet people expect him to behave like one! Foolish!

I have posted a couple of items from this guy previously. “Heavy” would be the word to describe the content. Take them or leave them…

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More On (moron) 5G…

TV, movies, games, music, “entertainment” are ALREADY propaganda, dumbing down, brainwashing tools! (“Idiocracy”) However…


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The UK’s so-called “Prime Minister” and “Foreign Secretary” should not only be ashamed of themselves, but should also apologise for such demented levels of unprofessional disrespect for elected leaders of foreign nations!

That they think that they can get away with such a public display of slander and libel on the scale that they have so far, without anyone noticing, is beyond sane reason!

They have proven themselves far from “strong and stable”, but to be weak, foolish and dangerous!

Time to go, before people die at their hands, as so many have in so many countries where the leadership of those countries were branded with similar names, “titles” and rhetoric, which also came to be proven untrue, false allegations!

They have exposed themselves as totally reprehensible, and they have a lot to answer for!



And HERE is the “person” that some said they wanted to BE “with” (thank God America dodged THAT bullet!)…

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Clearly Visible!

To anyone who can see!

The ONLY comment I will make on this is… Afshin USED to work for the BBC (and CNN) so… Why DOESN’T he NOW? Hmmm!

Enjoy the show…


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