For all prospective “Martians”… (corrected)

…real or imagined (by entertainment)…

And for all those who believe in “The Big Bang” (there’s only ONE reason for watching the TV series, and she’s female)…

(BTW, if you pay attention to the science, you will see that there is AN INFINITE amount of EVIDENCE for CREATION!)

More to chew on…

There’s a lot more on this channel, some good, the rest “I don’t know” because I haven’t watched it.

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Purpose! (continued)

Purpose! (Continued)

When you are a child, very young, you don’t know anything. Everything has to be learned, and a lot of it is “instinctive”, you don’t consciously think about it. We are made that way. Part of the reason for this is because it is THE PARENT’S responsibility, given by God, to nurture and raise the next generation, to perpetuate (PROcreate)! As a result babies, infants and young children are dependent on the input they get from Mum and Dad – the “nurture” from Mum, and the “nature” (learning how to cope and manage things) from Dad, which usually comes later as the child grows older.

What the child naturally accepts as “gospel” is from Mum and Dad. They don’t even think about it not, that is, until later. They hit puberty, a massive physiological and psychological, emotional, dynamic change, closely followed by “the teens”! Woah!

In the meantime most are usually compelled to attend “school”, and this is when “society” gets to impose ITS mores and “values” on the still developing young person, and “they” get to spend more time doing it than the parents, because the parents are “busy”, usually just “trying to make ends meet”!

If the parents don’t, won’t, or (usually) can’t, raise the children in the Truth, because they don’t know it themselves so the responsibility is handed over to “teachers”, who not only don’t know the Truth either and/or are not allowed to teach it, and do not even know the children in their individual ways, then how are children supposed to FIND their “purpose”?

I already knew “the system is flawed” by the time I turned 14!

“What” young people (that’s what they are – people) are “told”, “taught” is the usual status quo “mumbo jumbo” of unsatisfying so-called “facts”, an incredible amount of which are actually lies. SOME things are necessary, useful, helpful, things that help us to get the practicalities of life done, “survival” stuff if you like. (These COULD be done at home, no?) However, the CONTEXT of it all is mostly “Matrix” stuff, the “carrot on the stick” stuff that keeps everyone running the machinery FOR “the machine”, NOT themselves! In other words, slavery! (There’s no other word for it!)

“Purpose”, as it is understood by the enslaved, is to find their particular part or role in the machinery, and hope that they are “rewarded”, in some way, by fulfilling that role! (THIS is what we are told, and “you can do it” – “if you work hard enough!”) But… ARE we “rewarded”, and with WHAT?

The BIG question is – What is the MEANING behind it all, THE “purpose”?

In the words of the famous song…

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love, and be loved in return”.

“Yes, I know, but that’s not practical. It won’t put food on the table…etc, etc” – That’s what we are told from childhood, right? That all that “practical” stuff is MOST important, and besides “love” is so elusive that very few seem to be able to find, manage, or keep it! Right? – Most spend their whole lives “wishing”, “hoping”, “dreaming”!

As I said, I ALREADY knew all this, clearly, by the time I was 14. What happened between then and 17 was “a search” you could say.

Then, on September 9th, 1971 EVERYTHING changed!

I visited some people who explained that I had to be “reborn”, spiritually!

And IT HAPPENED! From that instant I KNEW! I didn’t know “what was going to happen next”, and I didn’t care (any more that is)! I didn’t care about “finding my purpose” because IT found ME! I was (finally, totally, completely) LOVED, UNDERSTOOD! – “Me”, personally, uniquely!

From that moment on IT DIDN’T MATTER “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “how” or “why”! “It”/“I” just WAS, TOGETHER with The “I am”! – How cool is THAT?

That “moment” (in “time”) was 47 years ago (in “time”)!

What has changed since? – Nothing! EXCEPT thousands of people (all over the world), hundreds of locations (all over the world), dozens of “jobs” (things to be done that helped others to do their things – all over the world), and the KNOWLEDGE that EVERYTHING had PURPOSE (ALL along the way)!

Now, I’m still human, not perfect, don’t get everything right, and certainly not all the time! I’ve seriously messed up on occasion too! I’m “no angel”, not by any stretch of the imagination!

BUT, my “Boss” (He is SO much more and better than that) KNOWS this about me, and STILL loves and uses me ANYWAY! He has created me UNIQUELY! There is ONLY ONE of me! And here is the BEAUTY of it all…

“Same rules apply” for EVERYONE ELSE!

Isn’t it amazing that THERE ARE NOT, AND HAVE NEVER BEEN, ANY TWO PEOPLE THE SAME, EVER, ANYWHERE, ANY TIME, “EVER”!? (He must be pretty “busy” huh? 😊)

And YET… We ALL have our unique, individual, “personal” PURPOSE!

“But what is it?” – Like I said in the beginning of this treatise, if you don’t (yet) know, all you have to do is ASK Him! AND… He likes to keep us busy and “guessing” (so we seek, ask and knock, regularly so…) IT CAN CHANGE! (“Exciting! Yay!” 😂)

But seriously, He knows what makes us happy, and we are created with natural talents and abilities that are our own, as well as “gifted” with “supernatural” (spiritual) talents and abilities, which often are given to augment and amplify our usefulness, FOR OTHERS (not to “glorify ourselves”)!

We can often see the same or similar gifts in others, and we might be tempted to think that we are “not that special” after all. We may even succumb to comparing and even jealousy because we are not “happy” with what we are or have (been given), thinking we are “not enough”.

However, when we are designed/created we are usually given “the basics”. We are supposed to “train”, develop, grow – not stay stale and stagnant (because that’s how you die – out of boredom if nothing else!).

The saying goes “if you can’t be with the one(s) you love, love the one(s) you’re WITH”! And “same rule applies” to our PURPOSE! – Our PURPOSE is to USE who/what we ARE WITH the ones we’re WITH! Get it?

The chances are that WHEREVER we are, WHOEVER we’re with, WE are the ONLY ones who can DO what WE can DO! And THAT is our “purpose” – whatever we CAN do to help OTHERS, WHATEVER our special proclivities may be! And NOTHING is “too small” or “insignificant” to be considered!

THIS is IMPORTANT, because when GOD SEES we can be trusted “in that which is least” He will entrust us with “greater” things, because He knows we will treat “these imposters” (“success”, “failure”) THE SAME, and “will have become a man, My son”!

Also, how many “great” men and women do you know of who did/do “humble (“little”) things”? – THEY are just about the ONLY “great” people there ARE! WHY? – Because “love” is A VERB! Love is what motivates “great” people to do “great things”, LOVING things, those things that NEEDED to be done, and their “PURPOSE” is MANIFESTED in THESE things!

So, is “purpose” defined by “what” you do, of itself? (People can do “the right things”, all the time, but for the wrong reasons! Right?)

Or rather, is “purpose” more defined by WHY you do it, “WHO” you are doing “it” (anything) FOR!?

Bear in mind the One Who had, and fulfilled, the GREATEST purpose of all, leaving us the example, and the instruction that “he that would be greatest among you must be servant of all”, with the promise that “the meek shall inherit the earth”.

Now THAT is REAL purpose – to LOVE, and WITH REWARD!


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Discernment! Required!

As Morpheus told Neo, “unfortunately you cannot be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself!” Those who are living in dreamland do not know that they are, they believe their false reality is “the real world”, and they are “happily comfortable” in it. Even Neo “wanted out” when initially shown the truth, and reluctantly resigned himself to the fact that “I can’t go back can I?”, meaning he would have if he could have!

Truth is tough! And you have to fight for it when you know it, whether you want to or not! (Or would you rather stay stuck in the alternative? – “The choice to know will be yours” – “Q”)

Call the following a “spelling out”, an explanation, an education. Examine whether these things be true! If they ARE, then…?

NOTE: A lot of us already know these things, or should, but for those who don’t or are still sceptical, then the definitions given here should greatly assist in helping people to discern!

I believe that this is A BIG HEAD’S UP to what is taking place, and what is ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN!


And as for “the msm”… (exactly the same tactics are used by the BBC and other channels and “news”papers in the U.K.!)


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