“Going Berserk”?…

NOTE: I find it disconcerting that Stroppy’s skepticism is becoming more evident lately.

He is not feeling well, but when it gets to the point that he is deciding what is relevant and what isn’t in the “Q” posts then he has “lost the plot” of the meaning and purposes of “Q”.

There is no “no point” in the things posted by “Q”. If they weren’t important they wouldn’t be posted. (Think “future proves past” – so many times over now!).

Many other channels actually do excellent summaries of the “Q” posts which make perfect sense.

Stroppy has not hidden his skepticism, and he is an older man who is impatient for results, like many others, and he doesn’t have the time, energy or patience to do the digging “Q” encourages Anons to do for themselves.

I have preferred Stroppy’s posts for “first place” so far because of his short and concise presentation leaving us to “make of it what you will”, and he very often states that he has “no idea” what many posts mean, but he is exhibiting more and more of a negative tone lately.

At 72 I am sure he is tired, but MR T is also 72 and he is not tired. You’ve got have some “fight” in yourself, and a patient stamina, to be engaged in this battle, especially on the “front-lines”, otherwise, for the sake of others and for the cause of victory it’s best to “lead, follow, or get out of the way”!


Good examples and explanations follow…


If you haven’t already done so – PICK A SIDE! (THERE ARE NO “NEUTRALS”!)

In closing…

(Two beautiful women BURY the stupid references usually made about “dumb blondes”, and they are not the ONLY ones! 😊)

“Free speech”???…

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“Wake Up America!”…


In the U.K. now the MSM is “reporting” on how “fake news” is being dealt with by the “social media” outlets and how “the government” is calling for “controls” = controlling the narrative on the subject, making it look and sound like they are concerned, when they are actually guilty of it all! This is happening in so many areas where they know the truth is being revealed about what is REALLY going on!

They focus the attention of the public on low hanging fruit to make it LOOK like they are “concerned” and doing something about it, but the REALLY GUILTY HIGH-UPS ARE NEVER REPORTED ON, never touched, and never expected to answer for their crimes! – It’s basically “he said, she said”, “It’s just a matter of opinion”, “We’ll talk about it a bit, throw a click bait headline out there to make it LOOK like we’re “reporting” on something, and then move on to something else and everybody will forget about it. Look, see? We’re doing our job, and you still need us so you can know what is going on”!? = FAKE NEWS! 😖😡

Want proof? How about here… (Remember, you might think that this is all/only about/concerning the US and it’s “politics”. HOWEVER… the “msm” in the U.K. (ESPECIALLY the BBC) and the EU is TOTALLY COMPLICIT in their “reporting” on all things Trump! Why? BECAUSE IT IS ALL ABOUT GOOD VS EVIL, the TRUTH vs the LIES, and LIES are the “stock in trade” of the one the perverted corrupts serve! SIMPLE! (DUH! Do the math!)

I highly recommend the following channel – very intelligently informative!

NOTE: In the following “Anderson Cooper” is the son of a Satanist who is a leading figure in CNN’s front-line!

Last minute…

We’d better finish on a lighter note, eh?…

You betcha! 😊

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It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad! Sounds like he is a megalomaniac! Not so much dangerous as pathetic! MR T just allows him to hang around “for entertainment purposes” methinks, much like a court jester. With people like this, as with all the usual suspects who attack the truth, the truth tellers and true patriots, the more they flap their lips the more ridiculous they prove they are! “These people are stupid!” and no match for someone who knows what he is doing and has a VERY smart team around him! The contrast leaves no room for doubt as to the veracity of those who are serious about what they are doing i.e. POTUS and Team!

When MR T lambasted Acosta when questioned about the wall he said “Ask the angel Moms” – these are just two of them…

Does anyone have any doubts that he is a “piece of 💩”?

ALL msm is 💩, that is IF you really want the truth!…

Meanwhile, this is yet another case of how the sicko/psychos cover for themselves and each other… (if the people knew “they would not be able to walk the streets” – “Q”!)

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