Going Offline Soon!

I might post an occasional thing or two, maybe, but I think “I’m done” otherwise.

I will probably post a Christmas Greeting here (and on Facebook and my other website) and send a link out to those on my mailing lists, but that will probably be about it.

Que Sera Sera.

I feel that it is MORE important for me to maintain my own connection and relationship with my Lord, Jesus.

I HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE does the same, because there are NO “totally reliable sources” of TRUTH available other than HIM, and if folks haven’t figured THIS out for themselves by NOW, then they are vulnerable to being “tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine”.

I CANNOT fill the need for truth FOR others, as hard as I have tried.

I have 1 “personal” item in the draft stages, and perhaps I will publish this as my Christmas gift to all.

If I don’t get to post anything else in the meantime however, here is something…

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On Christmas Traditions

This is an excellent explanation.

The first part is probably little known outside the US I would think, but a great exposé nevertheless.

The second part is brilliant.

The third part explains where most of the “Christian” traditions of Christmas come from and this is well worth understanding.

My only problem with this presentation is the promotion of the Nordic “Yule” over Christ at the end.

I understand Lana’s point of view, she being Swedish, however she did not mention that Scandinavia adopted the Lutheran Christian doctrine as their States’ official stance on belief. This was a historic conscious decision by these peoples and is reflected in the cross represented on all of the flags of the Scandinavian countries.

I understand that any “church” can be a poor image of Jesus in this day and age, however when it is officially included as any nations’ political dogma it does tend to force the people to acknowledge God’s existence and reflect on Jesus and his teachings. Whether they know Him personally or not the people generally still seem to instinctively understand that the teachings are the best moral code to acknowledge and adhere to. It’s not enough to just say it and not actually do it of course, but it is still better than the pagan alternatives where “anything goes”.

The “fruit” of this belief system is that you will find Scandinavians to be generally pragmatic and even-tempered in most of their affairs. This has led to a high standard of living, education and health, with a high-value social construct overall, and all of these nation’s have enjoyed this status consistently over recent decades in world rankings, despite having relatively small populations.

Sweden has rapidly become the exception to this however, sad to say, and we can only hope that the other countries are watching and learning from it’s abandonment to “politically correct” non-absolutes.

Anyway, for what it’s worth…

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