A Repository Of Truth!

A veritable Encyclopaedia of facts!

Do your homework! (Use it!)

‘Nuff said! 👍🏻

(NOTE: “Praying Medic” is a Bible believing, full of faith, witnessing Praying Medic. When you know THE Truth Himself “the Spirit (Holy) of Truth” is able to “lead and guide you into ALL truth” and helps to DISCERN between Truth and lies. Satan rules the world by lies through his liars. If you want to be “made free” the only thing that makes you so is knowing the Truth. The spiritual warfare that the whole world is subject to is manifested in the physical. The material realm is Satan’s domain. If we understand this then we know the “who, what, why, where, when and how” of anything and everything. = Makes sense in other words! – The ALTERNATIVE is doubt, fear, confusion and death! – “Take your pick!”)


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The Deepest Dive Ever!…

…All about the REAL HISTORY! – NOTHING LIKE you have ever been told by anyone!

“The Matrix”? – You betcha!

And IT IS IMPORTANT that the people understand this!

Because…? It shows and proves the spiritual (warfare) CONTROL of the masses!

THIS IS A “MUST LISTEN” item, IF you want to be unplugged from the matrix!

And you START by being born AGAIN, which is HOW you unplug, because the Kingdom of God is NOT OF this world but will supersede it with His Own Presence very soon!

Right now, Satan owns and rules the material world, because it is given to him to do so, and he gives it to his own!

The following explains HOW…

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Unorthodox but effective argument…

…WON! 😊

Some more unorthodox argument winning…

Personally I prefer one-to-one witnessing, as did Jesus Himself. It is very effective, like a sniper. Only one shot needed by a skilled shooter. However there were times when Jesus spoke before many, and this is more like the scatter shot of a shotgun. The further away the target, the more scattered the shot. Not as effective.

Even when Jesus was focusing on an individual if He knew others were present and listening or watching He would tailor His point to meet the largest audience, as this man here does.

In this case you have to accommodate “the lowest common denominator”, meaning using terminology that most of the audience would probably be familiar with. It is not really so personalised.

If you actually read His Word you will see that those Jesus worked with personally were permanently affected and changed, for the better, and their accounts (examples) are recorded. You never really hear or know much about “the multitudes”. As in these video clips, most pass by. Very few stop to listen, and only the individuals are effectively affected.

The thing I like about these examples is that the individuals were very brave to engage with the preacher, especially in public, and we can see that they were won to his argument. Either right then and there it changed their lives forever, or the seed was sown that will spring up later. In any case they won’t forget what happened.

And neither will this young fellow…


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