“Innocent” (free) UNTIL PROVEN “Guilty”!?…

… resulting in confinement, containment = NOT free! … “The court of public opinion” be damned! = Those who are NOT free themselves despising and resenting (putting down in order to lift themselves up) those who ARE, BECAUSE IT PROVES that they themselves are NOT! = WHY they PREFER (choose) to live a lie! Er, DUH!

The Bible tells us “in the mouth of TWO or THREE WITNESSES (people who actually SAW and/or HEARD = WERE THERE) let every word be established”, and it comes down HARD on FALSE witnesses (liars, slanderers, libellers), ESPECIALLY “mischievous” “tale-bearers” (character assassins).

WHY? – God is ONLY for TRUTH (good or bad), BECAUSE?… “The Truth shall make you FREE”! LIES are for the purpose of ENSLAVEMENT, ALWAYS HAVE been! (Think Satan = “the FATHER of lies”!)

THIS IS a UNIVERSAL LAW, as CERTAIN as any of the others (math, physics, chemistry, biology, gravity, etc). THIS is WHY Truth is ESSENTIALLY important! (And WHY EVERYONE will give AN ACCOUNT for EVERY WORD = testifying AGAINST THEMSELVES before God and everyone else, one day in the future! No one escapes this! “Every man’s work (deeds, the result of his words) SHALL BE MADE MANIFEST whether it was wrought of (for) God”!

Truth = light! Lies = darkness! And this is WHY the elites LIE, ALL THE TIME! – It works AGAINST the very fabric of the time/space continuum (“history” – “would be a great thing, IF it were true!”).

It all comes down to our PERCEPTION, which = UNDERSTANDING, knowledge, experience, growth = our FUTURE as a RESULT of our CHOICES and DECISIONS, MADE IN ACCORDANCE with these factors!

“WHO” makes YOUR decisions “FOR you”?

Can you see WHY the msm EXISTS? (As a “mouthpiece” and propagator of LIES, ESPECIALLY on behalf of the usual suspects!)

WHY is it so effective? BECAUSE…

(ANOTHER thing The Bible condemns) … “GOSSIP” and those who LOVE gossip having “itching ears”!

It ALL becomes “a tangled web”! And “the web” is for WHAT? = CATCHING, ENTANGLING, DISABLING, SUBDUING, and then… CONSUMING!!! (“Eaten alive” = DEATH! – The OUTCOME God SAID would happen to those who “swallowed it” – “the FRUIT (result) of the tree of the knowledge of good AND EVIL”!) NOTE: There is a huge push to “normalise” cannibalism in the msm now, along with all that goes along with pedophilia! = HUMAN SACRIFICE!

THINK! (“Who” do YOU “follow”? – There is only ONE source of THE Truth, what IS, “Who” IS = “I AM!” = The One Who CREATED us and EVERYTHING!)

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Out of their own mouths…

…they condemn themselves! 😂😂😂

Just listen to the INSANITY of the example shared in this (it’s too funny for words)…

A GREAT example of brains (“little grey cells”) over “brawn” (as in brow beating with BS)!

Did someone say “censorship”. (As if we aren’t subject to it “enough” ALREADY!)

I’m reminded of the story of the member of the US congress (who was wheel-chair bound) who kept beating another member (a typical “jock”) in debate. The “jock” just kept getting more and more angry and frustrated and finally blurted out “Why you little ……. I could eat you for breakfast!” To which he received the answer “Well, my dear fellow, then you’d end up with more brains in your stomach than you have in your head!”

The following describes the purpose of “dumbing down” through the usual modus operandi of the msm…

NOTE: IF you remove freedom of speech, freedom of debate, basically freedom of thought, “freedom” altogether, what are you left WITH??? HINT: The Answer is in the name of the movie reviewed above! = “STOOPID!” + SLAVERY! = Easily led and controlled by becoming UNcontrolled = ZOMBIES! (WHY are these movies propagated these days???) Er, DUH!

It’s actually NOT funny!

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Obstruction Operation Explained…

…obstruction is the ONLY modus operandi the DemonRats have left, and they can’t even pull THAT off! (They have ALL been at it with their “tweets” since the threat of releasing the unredacted versions of all the documents related to the “collusion delusion”!)

And Grassley has said that they are going to go ahead with the vote if Ford doesn’t show up on Monday! 👏🏻

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Basically the “Five Eyes” countries are “the deep states'” own “intelligence agency” and they have been using it AGAINST MR T!

NOTE: FOUR OUT OF THE FIVE (EYES) ARE “COMMONWEALTH” COUNTRIES! In other words owned and run by the queen! (So has the US been, they just haven’t known it)!

ANOTHER NOTE: There is a documentary about to be broadcast on a U.K. national TV network entitled “The Queen of the WORLD”! (AND… now you know WHY ALL msm in the U.K. is ANTI-TRUMP!) “Easy peasey” 😡

And… “Yippee Kaiyay M***********s!” (“Die Hard” 😊)

👏🏻 Things are moving fast now, like the snowball picking up speed as it gets gets under way and gets bigger!


If you understand that the preponderance of ALL msm IS TO PRESERVE THE STATUS QUO (nothing changes), then you KNOW that IT IS ALL WRONG, because CHANGE is EXACTLY what is needed and the what the people are screaming for!

Why? Because they are BEING SCREWED by the usual suspects, and ALWAYS HAVE been! The SLAVERY the people have been under is NOT new, BUT the FREEDOM that they are ENTITLED to, under God, IS A NEW POSSIBILITY, IF the snowball that MR T & team has started can continue to roll! THIS is why the elites CANNOT “ALLOW” it, because they lose the CONTROL of the ILLUSION that THEY have created! (“The divine right of kings” – THE VERY OPPOSITE of what God intended for mankind!)

THINK of this parallel…

“The Children of Israel” were SLAVES of Egypt (the “power”/”government”/”monarchy” of the day) for four hundred years! UNTIL Moses came along, with a message, from God! “Let My people go!”

Did the Pharaoh comply? Did he fight against it, hard? Did freedom happen “overnight”? (Even the people doubted and murmured themselves because their slavery was uncomfortably comfortable and they didn’t know what freedom was, and they were not prepared to pay the price).

Was freedom granted, reluctantly, in the end, and at what cost (the people were given back their wealth to take with them)? Did the Pharaoh change his mind afterwards and try to get them back? What resulted? (It was the end of Egypt as a world power).

What was required to cross “the wilderness” on their way to “the promised land” (faith/trust, in “the impossible”/miracles). Who eventually made it? (ONLY “the patriots”, those willing to fight to KEEP their freedom – a few of the older guys, BUT – it was ALL FOR AND BY THE FUTURE GENERATION!)

“The Elites” CONSUME (literally) the next generation, SELFISHLY, to “save their OWN skins” (literally)!

Loving parents have an eye for the future and procreate, propagate and replenish!





And closing with Jenny Hatch, “the meme master”…


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Valid Comments…

As time moves on more and more people (good people) are “leaving “Q”” (that is, IF they “believed” in the FIRST place!)

I believe this is human nature. The level of “commitment” is determined BY THE INDIVIDUAL! And not ALL people are “WILLING to commit” because of THE LIMIT OF THEIR “FAITH”!

Even Jesus had to face this problem with the disciples that He had personally chosen. He had selected the first twelve personally, BUT each had varying depths of personal belief, and one was even a traitor! THINK about it!

BUT did THAT mean that He was WRONG in what He did in His choosing? OR did He KNOW and understand the PURPOSE and role that each was called to fulfil? (And they DID!)

Personally I am an “all or nothing” kind of a guy, but that means that I have been “all wrong” sometimes as a result too! God can, and has, sorted me out when necessary, but He seems to call me to some pretty important responsibilities, BECAUSE He knows I am this way!

I LIKE what “Q” is DOING, and I LIKE what MR T is DOING! EVEN IF it all turned out to be BS, it is A BETTER BS than the BS we have had to endure SO far!

‘Nuff said!

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