What Would YOU Do?…

Among Christians there is the phrase “What would Jesus do?”, but I like this show, because we all know what Jesus would do, even if we weren’t Christians. He gave us the perfect example to follow.

However, WE are expected to FOLLOW His example, and THAT is down to US!

Anyway, enjoy the examples of ordinary folks following…

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Common Sense Has Left The Building! (Long Gone!)

And how is this a thing?…

And by the way, why DO men think it is necessary to “mansplain” stuff to women sometimes? – Because the idiots like those who protest “man-spreading” ARE STUPID!

Here’s an absolutely perfect example of my above comment about women like this being stupid (and she doesn’t even realise it)…

NOTE that it is THE WOMEN in this instance who speak most and feel it necessary to educate the ignorant in this case! (You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried)

Also, note that the stupid person has nothing to say but the currently hollow, empty, vaporous, popularly repeated rhetoric that is supposed to make stuff a fact, when the ACTUAL facts PROVE the OPPOSITE (and she doesn’t even realise it)!

Common sense has truly left the building, vacated the minds of the stupid! Why would anyone listen to, or even consider, the thoughts and opinions of anyone else who clearly has no brain, or at least doesn’t possess the skill to use it?

Would ANYONE want to follow an ignoramus who doesn’t know where they are going, but thinks that they should have a right to lead others down their garden path to nowhere?

Think “politicians”, think “media” (plus “social” media), etc, etc…


THIS is what it’s like when taken to its extreme!…

And here is yet another proof that stupid appears to be incurable…

Have you noticed that the opposition can’t even put a coherent argument together!? – I think I would be embarrassed and ashamed to be seen or heard spouting off such rubbish in public (or even in private), and thus be considered an idiot!

Who is the author of “it ain’t necessarily so”, “you should consider all sides”…?

HINT: Go back to The Garden!

Truth is truth! Facts are facts! There ARE NO “alternative” facts “that should be considered”!

Er, DUH!

And in closing…

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“Keystone” Removed!…

…All around is collapsing! “Darkness to Light”! The rising sun brings on the heat! 👏🏻

QUESTION: How in the world did any of “The Squad” get elected, especially the one from Somalia, the one who is promising to be “Trump’s worst nightmare”? (Deluded, she is!) She and Ocasional Cortex are losing all credibility by the day!

Omar in particular has exposed herself, AND SHE IS BEING INVESTIGATED! “These people are stupid!”

Come to think of it, how did Obummer get elected??? – A forgery of citizenry!? 🤔

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Everything Wrong With MSNBC…

…and others!

NOTE: Norman Smith is the BBC’s “Assistant Political Editor”, the “face” on the daily “news” about “what goes on in Westminster”, the front-line dupe. Laura Keunsberg, the actual “Political Editor” for the BBC, barely shows her face in public these days because she is so despised, even by other media people (they actually hiss when her name is mentioned)!

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