I was watching…(Updated)

…the “John Wick” movies recently. I know, “a bit far fetched”, maybe. But one thought struck me…

This was one man, against impossible odds, but he had a characteristic that no others had – an absolutely focused will!

In almost all the fight scenes (there were so many) he despatched dozens of opponents with two or three shots each and the last was always a head shot, making sure of the finality of their death so they couldn’t recover and rise up again!

There was no mercy shown!

In the two films that have been released so far John was “retired”, because he chose love. He was reluctant to fight, but when he had to, he did, in clear, concise, and no uncertain terms, with no quarter given!

The second film revealed three things…

When faced with “an impossible task” that enabled his retirement, he had to rely on help that would come back to challenge him, another “impossible task”, and that even after fulfilling his “marker” he would be left targeted himself!

He understood the unfairness of his situation and realised that in order to “finish it” he had to break the rules. Up until then he had obeyed them, even to reluctantly fulfilling his “marker” (made in blood)!

When faced with having to pay the price of “breaking the rules”, which was being made incommunicado globally with a bounty on his head by all, he said “Tell them, tell them all, that whoever comes I will kill them. I will kill them all!” And the response from the man who was excommunicating him was “Oh, I know you will!”

The inference is that John Wick was chosen for, and to do, just that – “kill them all”, the elite underworld that rules the world!


P.S. “John Wick 3” hasn’t been made/released yet, but we are left with the impression at the end of part two that there will be a “part three”.

Interestingly “Q” has told us that what is happening, and is going to be happening, is a three-part movie sequence!

In the meantime…

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“Give them enough rope…!”

Etc, etc… Don’t know what “placeholder(s)” mean, but if you look at what the topics are they are a whole lot of BIG stuff! (I think that the “placeholders” were a “heads up” for those who need to know, like “big hints”)

I’m pretty sure that EVERYTHING is going to be covered and dealt with HUGELY and QUICKLY now, IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING the usual suspects are doing, screaming and yelling about!

As usual, they KNOW what is coming and they are trying to delay and obstruct. It is ALL an “empty wind”! The REAL power AND LEGAL AUTHORITY lies with MR T and team, AND THEY KNOW IT!

ALL that the msm publish is for the purpose of trying to sway “the court of PUBLIC opinion”, to try to pre-empt what IS happening and is GOING to happen! HOWEVER, “the plan” of “those who know” is WAY ahead in the game! The evidence and proofs have ALREADY been exposed and prepared “for public consumption”!

The general public have been conditioned to expect that “nothing will happen” and “nothing changes”, and the msm is totally complicit in propagandising this false narrative, as they always have been. HOWEVER, they have never had to deal with an individual who keeps his promises before, and who has been ACTIVELY DISMANTLING and DRAINING their swamp, ON EVERY LEVEL AND ALL AT ONCE!

At FIRST their exposed “house of cards” was furious, but NOW they are PETRIFIED!

NOTE: People who are honest and true, who are humble and have integrity, are never afraid of “being found out”! Those who ARE afraid ALWAYS have something to hide, and the LOUDER they HOLLER the more GUILTY they ARE! BEING EXPOSED is the SCARIEST thing that can happen to them and they will do ANYTHING to avoid it, and while they TRY they just keep ADDING to their list of CRIMES! “How are the mighty (will be SEEN to) FALLEN!” PRIDE comes before a FALL! FEAR is BORN of PRIDE!

A valid closing point…(on top of the election fraud!)


Of course the msm FAILED to report the TENS OF THOUSANDS who showed up at MR T’s rallies, with LONG lines waiting to get in at stadium venues where there were too many people to be able to be allowed in, and who had to watch on screens outside! (Obummer couldn’t even fill a small gymnasium!)

They also IGNORED the fact that in practically EVERY comment on-line people were PRO-Trump and stated that THEY VOTED RED ALL ACROSS THE BOARD, with RECORD voter turnout AND early voting!

There was “MAGA” merchandise EVERYWHERE, AND “Q” T-SHIRTS (which MR T acknowledged)!

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THINK, Examine & Consider…

…the following. NOTE: This man’s interpretation of some of the things you can read for yourself in The Bible may not be exactly “kosher”, but when you understand that everything is ordained and ordered from the spiritual world (first), perhaps it is wise to place yourself in the position of being willing to think “outside the box” on some things. HOWEVER anything that actually CONTRADICTS God’s given Word on any matter can be thrown out. Remember, Satan is “the father of lies”.

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Where “Democracy” FAILS, miserably!

“Q” knew and named Brenda Snipes BEFORE the recent revelations! – Irrefutable evidence of voter fraud,

Anti-Trump and anti-“Q” rhetoric is OF THE CHARTS right now!




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