What’s Happening!?

A LOT!!!

The usual suspects have been trying to fight back, with denial of service attacks on the truthers, with disinformation through the mainstream media, and with major false flag attacks on the public. This was to be expected. Even “Q” has had to take some evasive action, mostly with preemptive knowledge and dissemination.

There are quite a few folks trying to interpret the most recent drops now (Sunday), however I will share this one because there is a fantastic video in it from John Perry Barlow (a man ahead of his time, now deceased) who is mentioned by “Q”. This is important for reasons that will become apparent in two videos following.

About the two videos following… As explained in one of the videos, we are in phase four of a five phase operation which is about to begin, phase five being the completion. A lot of what is somewhat cryptically explained in the “Q” posts becomes much more apparent in these videos. Basically, MR T and Team are WAY ahead in the game, in EVERY area! (Just watch and learn)

Why the “Q” board has been attacked… (NOTE: If “Q” “is a psyop/larp WHY is it being attacked by the people who claim it is???)

Don’t believe it? – Believe THIS…

And with all the BS from the FBI et al get THIS… (how low can they go?)


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